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Ballast Terminal Blocks
Ballast Terminal Blocks
  • Foot height 2mm

  • With or without wire protector

  • Fixing holes for vertical mounting device

  • Additional slots for horizontal mounting snaps

  • Color - white

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Technical Data
Housing Thermoplastic
    94 V-2 grade
Insert nickel-plated brass/stainless steel plate as wire protector
Voltage / Ampere (IEC) 600V / 24A
Voltage / Ampere (UL) 600V / 30A
  working -40oC to 105oC
  short period 130oC
Cross section up to 4mm2 / AWG 20-12
Dimension (mm)
a) Length 116.4 f) Pitch 10
b) Height 16.9 g) Screw M3x6
c) Width 18.8 h) Foot height 2.0
d) Fixing hole 3.6 i) Horizontal fixing slot 3.8
e) Wiring hole 3.4    


Per ctn 50x10

Remarks for high-temprature resistant type : model#206IT TH, color-brown

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